Monday 22 Sep 2014

Virtuemart 2 filter customfields Virtuemart 2 Compare module

Filter for Virtuemart 2. Search module by custom fields.

Product Filter for Virtuemart 2 includes a custom field plug-in which allows multi-selection and Virtuemart 2 search module for values. The extension allows to search for products in Virtuemart 2 by parameters (fields). For details please check versions history.

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Buy product filter for Virtuemart 2.6 and 2.0  Demo (frontend)  Demo 5000 products 5 fields each

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  • Custom field plug-in allowing to choose several product values from drop-down list
  • No third-party components! Works directly with Virtuemart 2 via plug-in system
  • Unlimited domains activation
  • Search module searching by custom fields, categories, manufacturers with wide assortment of templates
  • slider doubleSearch by price considering discounts and multi-currencies, and display as slider with highlighted active values
  • AJAX module update, as well as AJAX products list update, in case of changes in filter parameters
  • Internal CSV export/import for product fields values
  • ordering enSorting and management of customfield values via user-friendly interface
  • Calculation of products quantity corresponding to each parameter, depending on already chosen parameters, and imitation of linked lists by hiding zero parameters
  • Manual link to categories, as well as ability to automatically select fields
  • No changes to Virtuemart 2 code. Clean installation.
  • Detailed documentation with lots of screenshots
  • High quality Customer Support


On Christmas holidays The VirtueMart Development Team gave a buzz to joomla 1.7 and joomla 2.5 multi-million community by introducing a new version of their online store component Virtuemart 2.0. The whole code was written from scratch, hence a unique logic of the code. Modification of Virtuemart advanced search module is among multiple changes they have introduced to the component. By contrast to earlier versions (1.1.x), where we had to use product types and run an advanced Virtuemart search based on characteristics (parameters), now, in the new version of Virtuemart product filter works differently. There is no filter module for Virtuemart, no convenient interface for values fill-in, "list" parameter is displayed improperly when product data is edited, etc. However, as opposed to these changes, which might seem to be drawbacks, store’s core now possesses a flexible functional of triggers, including those for work with customfields. Thus to create a virtuemart filter, a customfield plug-in has been produced primarily via triggers. Thereby the development team has acquired a complete and handy interface for work with customfields, as well as an operable drop-down list for editing product data. Secondly, a special mechanism has been implemented, which allows to handle data correctly and to perform advanced search Virtuemart 2. The advanced search Virtuemart 2 can not only select data by parameters, but also by manufacturer and price, moreover, it has a category filter Virtuemart. Filter module was the last to be brought into existence and it crowns the structure of creation of "Virtuemart search filter" extension.

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